For the Love of Thinking


Statements and observations, testimony and testifying in adamant and unperturbed support of the Philosopher Queen.

Carolyn Shapiro

So many of us have learned to be ethical teachers from Avital, and the world is a better, fairer place for it. 

Juliana Fadil Luchkiw

Dearest Avital -- I am thinking of you and I just wanted to express all of my solidarity, compassion, and empathy for you. As I know very well, the news media loves to spin their story to fit the most sensational narrative. And it sucks to have your identity hijacked by the media, demonized, and made into a caricature or made into an example. It is enough to deal with all this stuff without the articles! Sending you strength and serenity for these times and always. Much love and take care -- Juliana

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner
Avital Ronell is a genuine human, in the fullest sense. She is one of the sincerest, most approachable, and most transparent souls I have ever met--in academia or otherwise. There is a vulnerability in existing in this way, yet this vulnerability is one of her incredible strengths. It allows her to see, to read, and to expand others' intellectual being-hood. This is a rare gem in academia. There is often an attempt to beat this out of graduate students before we even make it to a faculty post if that is our aim. Yet somehow Avital has been able to maintain this rare, humane integrity even after an incredibly productive and public career. (from her blog post)

Kathy Slade

I dream that one day I will be lucky enough to become one tenth the thinker she is. I call on Avital’s students and all who know her to speak up and come to her defense to counter the ridiculous and dangerous narratives being put forward in the press.

Robert Craig Baum

I remember when I first introduced myself to Avital Ronell. I received her smile, her handshake, and genuine deep listening to my ideas about Schlegel and parados, Heidegger and the problem of metaphysics over pataphysics in a time span of about ten minutes. Across our time together in and out of class [in Saas Fee, in Manhattan, online], she spoke with me as an equal and we exchanged quite a few ideas about Rousseau, Kleist, Goethe, and the other 18th and 19th century thinkers who formed most visible and exciting points of intersection. (from Itself)


Slavoj Žižek, Why Did I Sign the Letter?

Avital’s “eccentricities” are all on the surface; there is nothing sleazy hidden beneath her affected behaviour, in contrast to quite a few professors that I know who obey all the Politically Correct rules while merrily screwing students or playing obscene power games with all the dirty moves such games involve.