German philosopher Dorothea Schlegel analyzes the Reitman-Ronell controversy

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Who We Are

We are the Theory Illuminati

Our project is a resignification/reappropriation of Critical Theory from professional sophists who refer to our work as cultish and, well, "theory illuminati."

Direct Action Philosophy

5th(c)(bce) to Future-Now

We reject without hesitation, fear of reprisal, or doubt any public or private defamation of philosopher, literary critic, and public figure Professor Avital Ronell. 

This website serves as an open space where abused and threatened and silenced voices can speak openly. Prof. Ronell's accuser, the international news media, and institutional investigators are hereby put on notice: the truth is what you serve, not clickbait, not the bottom line, not bias, and certainly not wantonly publishing leaks provided by the accuser and his deep pocket backers. 

We also welcome submissions (750-1000wd) from all free thinkers who wish to challenge or support our deconstruction of the New York Times as well as the leaked draft letter of support for Avital Ronell (first publicized by Brian Leiter). 

We also thank Professor Leiter for inspiring this project, especially its domain and website name.

Should you wish to submit testimonials as well as written or visual essays, please visit
@theoryillumina2 and send a PM.

We will respond within three days.

Texts and contexts

A collection of texts discussing the defamation of Avital Ronell in addition to being a place where Brian Leiter can learn more about critical theory before he denounces again what he clearly refuses to understand.